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Unique, Cheap And Fun Valentine's Day Gifts

You Don't Have To Spend Hundreds or Thousands To Show Your Love. A functional, fun and well thought little present is enough for a humble Valentine's Day. Storm Glass Storm Glass is a very creative gift which will be unexpected and surprising for any special occasion. It is like a magical crystal ball that tells you the weather report for tomorrow. Of course, there is no magic in this glass; it is all about pure science. Wikipedia summarizes storm glass this way: "A storm glass is a type of weather-forecasting device, composed of a sealed glass container, filled with liquid, that allows the user to forecast the weather by observing the appearance of the liquid in the glass. The liquid within...

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Unique Christmas Gifts On A Budget

Getting Presents Should Be Fun It is once again that time of year when we start to try getting the best gifts for friends and family. When you are on a tight budget, an enjoyable activity like choosing presents can turn into a stressful, unpleasant task. That's why we are trying our best to make this activity as easy and fun for you as possible. Just take a look at our Christmas gifts on a budget: OCTO-JUICER Machines are in every inch of our lives helping us to get things done faster and easier. However, some tasks are much more entertaining and satisfying when you do them yourself.  After we met Octo-Juicer, we stopped using our electronic juice maker. We remembered the...

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Why Do We Love Mushrooms So Much?

Amanita muscaria... The Latin version of fly agaric, aka red mushroom... Although it is toxic for us; from the moment we engage with popular culture, we fall in love with these cute, toylike, brightly red organisms. In most of the children's books, red mushrooms are like the ornaments of magical forests. There is a very common rumor about how Alice ate a red mushroom and her Wonderland was only the hallucinogenic side effects. Remember Smurfs? Red mushrooms were like the signature icons of the whole show. Super Mario is probably one of the most recognizable video games throughout the history and even Mario was obsessed with red mushrooms.  Maybe their attractive red color is doing all the trick or perhaps their near...

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