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Huh? Who are we? Oh yeah, I am writing our about us page.  

First of all, I want to say that there are 2 people and 3 cats behind this project. One of them is me of course (Hi! This is Berker) and the other person is my lovely wife Elif (Hi there guys!) 

     We began our journey 2 years ago with a thought of opening a business in the States. After long nights of brain-storming we realized that we need to do what we like the most and that has to be put smiles on people's faces. Both of us find happiness in small things and we love funny novelty products! After all that brainstorming we realized Witty Novelty is going to be born.  

     With the little and all money in our pockets, we opened our smallish shop. What we want most is designing our own products. I hope with your help we are going to manage it.  

     Ummm, yeah I think that's it. If you wanna know more about us why don't you just call us! We always love to make new friends!  

Contact Us

We don't have a physical store, only online but you can come and visit us anytime. Coffees are on us!

Another World, LLC (dba) Witty Novelty

30 N Raymond Ave, Suite 806 91103, 

Pasadena - California US

P: +1 626 7656399





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